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These claim conditions corresponds with the provisions of the act number 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code and the act number 634/1992 Coll., on the customer protection, as amended, and apply to the goods purchased in the company Mont Bleu s.r.o., identification number: 25458850, with the registered address: 257/17 Rostislavova Street, 140 00 Prague 4  - Nusle (hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser). The Buyer is entitled to make a claim of the faulty goods within the warranty period to the Purchaser.

The Buyer can also make a warranty claim of the faulty fulfilment in any shop of the sales network Mont Bleu (list of the shops is on the link in section with contacts) or at the registered address of the company: 257/17 Rostislavova Street, 140 00 Prague 4  - Nusle.

The goods supported with the sales document and more detailed description of its fault send  together with the contact information.

If the Buyer makes a claim of to the fault of a product, the Purchaser confirms it, in writing, included replacement or repair of the faulty item.

Faulty goods

The Purchaser guarantees to the customer that the received goods are faultless. Especially, the Purchaser guarantees to the customer, that the goods qualities in the period and the quantities agreed between the parties, or they are not the agreement, the qualities, which the Purchaser describes, or the Buyer expects  according to the goods nature and according to the advertising by the purchaser, that goods is usable for the purposes stated by the purchaser or for the purposes of the common using of this kind of things, that goods corresponds with the qualities or the performance agrees with the sample or model, if the qualities or performance has provide according to the agreed sample or the model, that good corresponds with the quantity, rate or weight, that goods meet the requirements of the legislation, or if goods purchase with the discount, the Buyer expressly agrees with its state in the moment of receiving and  receives it in this state.

Rights arising from the faulty goods

If goods is without the above mentioned qualities, the Buyer may request new faultless goods delivery, if it is adequately to the fault nature, but if goods is faulty only partially, the Buyer may request only part change and if it is impossible, may withdraw from the contract. In case of inadequacy to the good nature, especially, if it is possible to remove the fault immediately, the Buyer is entitled to the free fault remove.

The Buyer is entitled to the new good delivery or to change its part also in case of removable fault, if they cannot properly use the goods because of repeated fault after goods repairing or because of more faults. The Buyer in this case is entitled to withdraw the contract.  If the Buyer does not withdraw from the contract or does not make a right on the delivery of new faultless goods, on its part change or on the goods repair, they are entitled to request the adequacy discount.
The Buyer is entitled to adequacy discount also in case, if the Purchaser cannot deliver new faultless goods, change it or repair it, also if the Purchaser does not rectify it in adequacy period or if the rectifying affects into significant difficulties for the Buyer. The Buyer has not a right arising from the faulty delivery, if before goods receiving he knows that goods is faulty or the defect was arise by the Buyer action.

The terms

The Customer is entitled to make a right of the faulty fulfilment, arising from the consumer goods within twelve months from the receiving. If the fault arises within six months from the receiving, it deems that the goods were faulty in the moment of its receiving. The warranty period begins from the date of the goods receiving by the Buyer. The warranty period is 12 months, if the Buyer is a customer, but if the Buyer concluding and fulfilling the contract, acts within his commercial or another business activity, the warranty period is only 12 months. The warranty period prolongs for period of the goods warranty repairing. The goods change does not affects to the beginning of new warranty period.

The period for the claim settlement

We will make maximum effort for the claim settlement in the shortest period. The maximum period for the customer´s claim settlement is 30 days. The above period of the 30 days does not apply for the contracts concluded according to the commercial code, but the company also makes effort for the claim settlement within the shortest period.  The Purchaser pays the costs connected with the sending to the customer service and from the service only, if the claim is rightful.

Only the costs in adequacy amount compared to the claimed goods will pay.

The warranty does not apply for the goods, especially:

damaged by the elements (water, fire, lightning, discharge),

if at the day of the receiving,  the warranty period expired,

damaged by the mechanical method (ripped, cutting, burnt, scraped, with falling signs etc.)

damaged by the incorrect using contrary the common rules of its using (washing symbols),

damaged by the unskilled intervention.

The consignment receiving from the transport company

The package of the consignment must be control in the moment of its receiving. The obvious defect (package damaging) must be notify immediately and write it in the transport document. The consignment may be receive also if there is this damage, and there are not any concern with the follow claim making.  The content of the consignment will be control after the driver leaving, who did not wait to the control of the content in the moment of the receiving. The covert damage will be notify within 24 hours after the consignment receiving together with the request of drawing or picture of the damage report.  Buyer will notify on the address or on the phone number +420 241 405 918.

The Buyer´s right on the contract withdrawal

If the contract concluded through the remote communication method (at the e-shop), the Buyer is entitled according to the §1829 point 1 of the act number 89/2012 Coll., The Civil code, to withdrawal the contract within 14 days after the fulfilment receiving (goods delivery).

If the Buyer proposes to withdraw the contract according to the previous paragraph within 14 days, they will contact the Purchaser in writing. The Buyer must state in their withdrawal order number, order date, the goods of withdrawal and the method of the settlement (change of goods or money return).

The Buyer can use the information, provided by the Purchaser and published in the claim conditions, for the withdrawal.

The Buyer can deliver the withdrawal of the purchase contract also in person, send it via mail to the registered address of the company or send it via e-mail to the address .

If the Buyer does withdraw from the contract according to the previous paragraphs, included the fulfilment of all requirements, the Purchaser returns him the money, received by the Buyer (excluded the amount of the additional costs of the delivered goods arising from the selection of another delivery method by the Buyer, than the cheapest common delivery method offered by the Purchaser, within 14 days from the withdrawal of the purchase contract and by the same method that was its receiving method, unless the Buyer defines otherwise.

The Purchase is entitled to return the received fulfilment to the Buyer also in the moment of the goods return or by another method, if the Buyer approves it and there are not any additional costs for the Buyer. If the Buyer withdraw the purchase contract, the Purchaser is not oblige to return the received money before the Buyer returns the goods.

If the goods will be returned to the Purchaser within fourteen (14) days from the withdrawal the contract by the Buyer. If the Buyer withdraws the purchase contract, they pay the costs, connected with the goods return to the Purchaser, also if it is impossible to return the goods by the common mail method because of goods nature. This law provision does not deem the possibility of free goods renting.

If the Buyer make a right to withdrawal of the contract within 14 days from the fulfilment receiving, they must to return full gained fulfilment according to the purchase contract to the Purchaser. If it is impossible (within the interim period the goods cancelled or used), the Buyer is obliged to provide the money compensation as consideration of the impossible return of the fulfilment to the Purchaser.

If only part of the returned goods faulty, the Purchaser can make a right on the damage compensation to the customer and to recognize his own claim against the returned purchase price.  In this case the Purchaser returns the reduced purchase price to the Buyer.

The Purchaser also can recognize his own costs connected with the goods returning to the Buyer against the purchase prices returned to the Buyer. The customer is not entitled to withdraw the contract in cases as follows:

Of the goods or services delivery, if its prices are dependent on the variations of the financial market contingent to the Purchaser´s will,

Of the delivery of goods changed according to the Buyer´s requirement or for the Buyer´s person, or of the fast spoiled, wear or obsolesce goods,

 Of the fulfilment consisting in play or lottery.

If the Buyer is not a customer and buys the goods within their own commercial or business activity (according to the identification number stated in the purchase document), the Buyer is not entitled to withdraw the contract, because of this right belongs only to the customers stated in the act on the customer protection.

Place for the goods return

Is at the registered address: 257/17 Rostislavova street, 140 00 Prague 4 – Nusle after the previous agreement or by the recorded delivery mail sent to the above registered address of the company.

The goods must be returned in proper package to protect it during the transportation. The goods must not be in original package, goods may be tested, excluded the violation of the hygienic standard. Please pay attention that there may be additional costs to pay, arising from the packaging the goods into the original package. We recommend to give the goods into its original package, if it is possible, because of possible reduction of the returned amount otherwise.

The period for the goods return

For the providing of the period of 14 days of the goods return it is deciding the date of the Purchaser notifying of the withdrawal of the contract. The notifying is the information about your interest in the contract withdrawal or the receiving of the withdrawal together with the returned goods. Notifying of the contract withdrawal must be within the period of 14 days. The withdrawal send in writing or via e-mail to .

The period of the withdrawal of the contract according to the law is 14 calendar days, but not working days, and begins on the date of the fulfilment receiving (goods delivery).

Send or give the goods to the company in the shortest period from the withdrawal sending.

The blank for the purchase contract withdrawal


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The Buyer notifies the Purchaser that he withdraws the purchase contract as stated above and received on:

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